Cold Brew: worth the wait

Can you imagine waiting 12-24 hours for your coffee to brew?  The cold brew method does just that, but it is truly worth the wait!

Cold brew has become a household name as of late, found in grocery store and gas station coolers, international coffee chains, and local coffee shops alike. But in case you don’t fully understand the nuances of cold brew, here is a little information to make you a more savvy connoisseur.

Cold brew is an extraction process that utilizes time rather than heat to create a coffee concentrate.  Coarsely ground coffee steeps in room temperature water for 12-24 hours in this non-electric process, then is filtered to create a liquid concentrate. The result is a rich, smooth flavor that contains 50-65% less acid than hot-brewed extraction methods.  

Our brew

Cold brew is only as good as the coffee itself, and that is primarily contingent on the freshness of the roasted coffee beans.  We use Chello Espresso from our local artisan roaster, which is a blend of five coffees slow-roasted separately in the traditional Italian style. When used in cold brew, these bean's true flavors are extracted without bitterness, making it an excellent base for our iced coffee bar offerings.

Iced coffee with cream